7th Annual Show



Meet the Designers

Miriam Meza

Miriam Meza is a junior concentrating in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations. On campus she is involved with the Latinx community and in particular, La Alianza Latinx. She also works for the Jonathan M. Nelson Center of Entrepreneurship and takes classes at RISD. One of her favorite hobbies is designing clothing.

“[This is] a mini collection composed of seven looks. In terms of the aesthetic, there is a lot of gold, red, and cool prints involved. With respect to the focus, I have tried to produce something that speaks to diversity and representation of the Latina women we have on campus. The jumpers and maxi dresses are worn by a selection of daring women and are very versatile in that they can be worn by day and by night.”


Jane Han

Jane Han, who goes by Jane Wild, is a sophomore double concentrating in Visual Arts and Computer Science. She is a dedicated graphic designer and writer. Wherever she is, she can be recognized by her funky fresh mod-style makeup and cool girl vibe.

“My thematic inspiration behind my designs is grotesque faces. I’m featuring seven sweatshirts and the main design is really ugly faces. When you look at them all the attention just goes to the sweater and the design itself. I wanted to juxtapose something unattractive with the glamour of fashion because fashion is supposed to be very aesthetically pleasing.”


Emma Butler

Emma Butler, a first-year Rhode Islander, is concentrating in visual arts. She is heavily involved in Fashion@Brown’s events team.

“I used to like very expensive material like silk or bright colors with lots of patterns. However, while bright colors and patterns will go in and out of style, solid colors and simple silhouettes won’t. I got into sustainable fashion recently where the goal is to have fewer clothes that are more timeless That is what I am trying to work on for this line of clothing which is lingerie.”


Austin Peete

Austin Peete is a junior from south of Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently deciding between studying computer science and visual arts. Outside of class he is part of Mosaic Plus and NSBE.

“I try to keep my designs minimal because that’s just what I find pleasing. I also like to be slightly experimental with my work. For example, I have a classic oxford shirt, and you usually don’t print on those shirts, but I put my logo on it in a position that is not usually used. I like to use traditional pieces of clothing and play with them. Once I start getting more revenue and freedom to create the clothes that I want to sell, I hope to actually start changing the forms of these clothes.”


Natalie Pearl

Natalie Pearl is a senior from Colorado concentrating in Geobiology. On campus she is member of the Varsity Ski team.

“I’m in a sculpture class right now and our first project was using cardboard. I was just dabbling in it but now I’m starting to see what you can do with it. I wanted to explore it more for this show. I used a laser cutter to cut the cardboard into different shapes to explore how it bends and folds. The process of creating my collection was a lot of exploring and finding something I liked and then building on that.”


Sabiya Ahmed

Sabiya Ahmed is a senior concentrating in Middle East Studies and Political Science. On campus she is involved with the Muslim Students Association and the Brown Annual Fund. She also spends her time volunteering as an English tutor. Brooklyn, New York is her hometown.

“In this collection I’m using lots of contrasting fabrics and patterns to represent the different experiences I’ve had during my four years at Brown. One of the most eye-catching outfits is one I made with a print of pins and needles, which represents the stress and tension I’ve often felt while here. Yet, I also included an open zipper in the back to symbolize the mechanisms I’ve used to deal with that. Then I have another outfit with this exaggerated, tulle ballet skirt to reminisce on my freshman fantasies.”


Meet Our Community Partners

Dorothy Williams

Dorothy Williams, a Providence boutique in Wayland Square, specializes in outfitting women for that dressy, casual, ‘day-to-night’ look. The store partnered with Fashion@Brown by showcasing their elegant yet practical collection in the Spring 2018 fashion show. Jenna Stockman, owner of Dorothy Williams, always “had the dream of owning and operating a women’s boutique.” She is passionate about “[pursuing her] childhood dream” at home as a native Rhode Islander and aims to provide an outlet for the “contemporary woman’s lifestyle.” 


Togs on Brook

Togs on Brook, a consignment store nestled on Brook Street, collects, repurposes, and redistributes clothing within the Providence community. As a newly opened “east-side community” business, Togs partnered with Fashion@Brown to showcase their wide collection of pieces for men and women. All items in the store are collected from local community members and after 60 days, clothing that has not been sold is donated to soup kitchens and shelters. Togs prides itself on representing the essence of local Providence through its commitment to community outreach, diversity, and non-exclusivity in their collection. Togs aims to encourage recycling of clothing and provides “everyday, discounted prices” to its customers.