8th Annual Show



Meet the Designers

Vivian Lu

Vivian Lu is a sophomore from Shanghai concentrating in neuroscience. She is an avid artist involved in metalworking and jewelry. Outside of f@b, she is involved with the Chinese Students Association (CSA).

Emma Butler

Emma Butler is a sophomore from Rhode Island studying visual arts and French. She is involved in both painting and apparel design.

keri brooks

Keri Brooks is a senior concentrating in Modern Culture and Media. She currently lives outside Washington, D.C. but she grew up traveling between Germany, Guam, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, and Tennessee. Her time at Brown is the longest she has lived in one place!

Alex Yu

Alex Yu is a junior from the Boston area concentrating in Computer Science-Economics. In his free time he likes to make music.

Alexandre Rempe

Alexandre Rempe is a pre-med student concentrating in Biology and studying Visual Arts. She is also a member of the Brown Women's Hockey Team.

Austin Peete

Austin Peete is a senior from Stockbridge, Georgia. He studied Computer Science for three years before deciding to concentrate in Visual Arts, which aligns with his passion for fashion, photography, and music.