Meet the Designers

Kasia Hope


Kasia Hope is a RISD sophomore studying Textiles with a special interest in fine arts and apparel. Much of her work draws from Polish history and her hometown, Warsaw. When not busy in studio, she can be found at acapella practice or working as a Teaching Assistant and Orientation Leader.


Her collection is composed of four looks, each of which is in conversation with Polish folk costume and silhouettes from the Romantic Era. The garments are exaggerated in different ways and are made of soft, comforting materials. Machine knit pieces and other modern elements are included to add a contemporary twist to traditionally woven folkwear.

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Laura Perlmutter


Laura Perlmutter is a Brown freshman planning on concentrating in Chemistry and Visual Arts. As the youngest of four children, Laura decided to create her own clothing rather than compete with her siblings in sports. She also enjoys reading, baking, and watching a concerning amount of TV in her free time.


Three pieces make up her collection, all of which are minimalist in style and color. Linen was the main fabric used to create an essence of breathability and an organic and flowing structure. The black and white garments further a sense of both figurative and literal transparency.

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Wendy Cohen and Various Saidon


Wendy Cohen is a senior at Brown studying Visual Art. She and Various began working together in the fall after being introduced through Women’s Refugee Care, a local non-profit run by and for Congolese refugees. Wendy has been connecting Various with students and resources at Brown as he works to rebuild his business.

Various Saidon is a local fashion designer. He is a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo and was a fashion student when the war broke out in the DRC. He escaped to South Africa where he worked in a factory sewing clothes before deciding to open up his own fashion design business. He came to the U.S. last year.


Their collection is composed of custom looks Various has designed for Brown and RISD students. He wants to design unique clothes for everyone to feel happy and look smart.

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Taylor Coleman


Taylor Coleman is a Brown freshman planning to major in Applied Math-Economics. His biggest design inspirations are minimalistic and modernist furniture and art installations from the 1950s-60s. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, swimming, and watching basketball.


His collection is composed of two looks, both of which have a minimalist color palette and an emphasis on texture, proportion, and drape. The primary fabric used in his collection is cotton jersey.

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Yereem Chun


Yereem Chun is a Brown freshman concentrating in Art History and Psychology. From Korea but having lived in Hong Kong for 10 years, she sees beauty in the intersection of Eastern and Western cultures, a topic she has explored extensively in her artwork.


Her capsule collection of three women’s cocktail and evening wear incorporates eastern elements into classic western silhouettes. Each piece is adorned with traditional Korean and Chinese knot details, while the neutral colors and structured fabric provides a modern edge.


Alexandre Rempe


Alexandra Rempe is a junior studying neuro-biology, and double majoring in RISD Apparel Design. She began remaking and designing clothes at the age 16. Growing up, she had had a lot of surgery done and as a result, one day aspires to become a doctor. Her line is called “genes” as it is a reference to the merge between her love for science and her love for design.


Her collection is inspired by her Dad’s love for denim and her RISD classmates who are always willing to help her learn and think of new ideas. Over the years, Alexandra has learnt new techniques and looked at ways to create sustainable fashion. Her line is a combination of reworked denim and pieces that she has done at RISD.


Emily Wang


Emily Wang is a Brown freshman interested in Economics, Poetry, and Biotechnology. On campus, she is a member of Brown’s Salsa Club, the Providence Medical Orchestra, and the Community Health Advocacy Program. Besides having a passion for fashion, she enjoys baking macarons, fooling around on the piano and ukulele, and doing brush calligraphy.


With a nod to sustainability, this collection was created using unwanted fabrics either found on campus or donated by BPE Studios in NYC. Inspired by the fabrics themselves, this mini collection deals with the transformative process of giving clothing a second chance at life.

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Lynn Hlaing


Lynn Hlaing is a sophomore concentrating in Computer Science and Economics. Besides running the design team for F@B, he is also on the Editorial Team for F@B and is a student consultant for the Collegiate Consulting Group.


Lynn’s collection is composed of six looks that touch on the theme of unbalance through asymmetry, contrast, or mixed fabrics. The fabrics used for the collection are simple cotton fabrics with a focus on denim.

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Elizabeth McGrane


Elizabeth Anh McGrane is a Brown freshman planning to concentrate in Biology and East Asian Studies. Hailing from Florida, she loves to work with linen. When not bent over embroidery work, Anh enjoys grocery shopping.


“ito” is a collection combining Anh’s Vietnamese roots, sashiko embroidery, and breathable fabrics. While a small collection, all of the looks feature hand embroidery. Simple, but well-made dayware.

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