An Edge to Summer: A Look into Marella's Spring Summer 2019 Collection

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Spring Break typically reminds us of walks along beautiful beaches, resting in the shade under palm trees and an unforgettable week with friends during which we can erase the rigor of academia from our lives. But not everyone dons on a bikini with the aim of replenishing bodily supplies of vitamin D for the rest of the semester.

For my Spring Break, I travelled home, to Europe. While Warsaw may not be the center of the fashion world unlike Milan, Paris or London – on the streets we significantly observe an increased amount of apparel designed by famous European fashion houses in the likes of Chanel, Liu Jo or Pinko.

While being at home, my mom and I love to indulge in our fascination for fashion – admittedly, we might have the slightest tinge of a shopaholic problem. I often find myself unable to find a spot in my closet for my newest purchases, which is constantly overflowing with various clothing pieces or boxes of heels in bold colors. Nevertheless, upon my arrival home we naturally embarked on one of our shopping adventures. My Spring Break would not be complete without it.

Most recently, I find myself gravitating towards stores in which I can browse through hangers with beautiful ready-to-wear elegant pieces that are suitable for a variety of different occasions – such as Hugo Boss or Max Mara. I find their options sophisticated and original, while employing classic styles, without which I believe the fashion world would not be complete.

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During my excursion, I most enjoyed Marella’s Spring Summer 2019 Collection. Marella is part of the more well-known Max Mara Fashion Group – the biggest clothing company in Italy. Its beginnings stem to 1973, when Marella was only the name of a new Max Mara collection. In 1988, Marella was established as an independent company adding to the multitude of brands positioned under the umbrella group of Max Mara.

The Spring Summer 2019 Collection captured me from get-go with its silk pieces inspired by foulard fashion. The #ANWallpapers project by Alessio Nessi necessarily turns heads with its vibrant colors and juxtaposition of patterns

Marella itself describes the collection as a “blend of art and life,” which “has, at its very core, a love for all things beautiful” – the beautiful ready-to-wear, flowing pieces are definitely in line with summer themes. They are appropriate both for casual and more elegant occasions. They remind of the ethereal Hermès scarves and, in my eyes, may become the next timeless summer closet additions.

While these signature tops, skirts, and dresses are the definitive frontispiece of the collection, everyone will find something for themselves. The  suit designs are kept elegant and classic, while simultaneously providing more avant-garde options. Some are styled with flowy patterned trousers, or mom-fit jeans; mixing different textures in a single fit as well as incorporating denim redefines elegance.

Simultaneously, bold floral prints are mixed into the collection alongside classic pieces that appear in monochrome; but here colors take on all sorts of positions on the spectrum – from natural beige, to neon pinks and greens, as well as staples of black and white. The Riviera blue color makes an appearance in a variety of pieces reminding of the color of the ocean, a clear blue sky and careless summer days.

They truly embody the “fresh air of a stroll by the seaside” that Marella is trying to sell in this collection. I tried on chiffon and georgette shirt-dresses, which exude sophistication and youthful exuberance. Many pieces catch the eye with an overlay of different layers that accentuate the bohemian character ever present in the collection.

The assortment of various fit and flare outfits is modeled by American model Vanessa Moody – chosen to be the face of Marella’s campaign. She mixes sophistication with classic styles accentuating femininity in an innovative way, while taking on the free spirit of summer in stride.

All-in-all, Marella’s new Spring Summer 2019 Collection provides its audience with everything a summer collection needs; from juxtaposing bold colors and patterns, that seem to be the primroses of spring, to providing the light feel of clothing that is apparel’s equivalent of the refreshing summer breeze we all long for after a seemingly everlasting winter.