Closets@Brown profiles students with personal style that excites and inspires us. Their unique pieces are eye candy to the sartorially inclined but we hope you also see the stories behind these well-dressed individuals and their remarkable garments. These stories add dimension to our interviewees, offering insight into their philosophies of expression and originality.


Closets@Brown: Babette Thomas, Ruby Aiyo Gerber, and Pazia Bermudez-Silverman

Have you ever seen a group of people walking across Main Green and thought to yourself, “Wow. Who ARE they?” One such trio: Babette Thomas, Ruby Aiyo Gerber, and Pazia Bermudez-Silverman. Though we could have talked to any one of them individually, we thought it would be even more interesting to put their styles in conversation with one another. Check it out.

Closets@Brown: Helen Gerstenfeld Abreu

Helen Gerstenfeld Abreu ‘18 is from Montevideo, Uruguay. Double concentrating in economics and international relations, she plays an integral role as a Spanish Editor on the SOMOS literary magazine team and serves as a TA for intermediate microeconomics. Whether in the library or out and about, Helen is sure to impress with her refined yet individual style. Here’s what she had to say.

So Allegra, can you tell us about what you’re wearing today-.jpg

Closets@Brown: Chloe Kibble

Chloe Kibble '17 is a public health concentrator from Nashville, Tennessee. Chloe has quite the presence on Brown's campus, both as the co-director of IMPULSE Dance Company and as a member of the band/artist collective "richard". We hung out with Chloe to learn more about the thought process behind her unique style.

Closets@Brown: Allegra Chapman

Allegra Chapman '19 is a Modern Culture and Media concentrator from New York, New York who caught our attention with her infectious smile and fun taste in fashion. Not only is she an avid film buff, but she can also be found doing her thing as a member of the Brown Poler Bears. Take a look at what she had to say about her amazing style!

Can you tell us a bit about what you’re wearing today-.jpg

Closets@Brown: Blake Nosratian

Blake Nosratian '17 is an International Relations concentrator from Los Angeles, California. He’s involved with Ivy Film Festival and has recently come onto the theater scene with his debut performance in Carousel. However, Blake also has a certain style about him, and we wanted to know more. So here you have it: a much sought-after glimpse into his wardrobe and lifestyle.

Closets@Brown: Ellie Kitman

Ellie Kitman '18 is an American Studies concentrator from Palisades, New York. We first met Ellie on the Main Green when she stopped us dead in our tracks with an iconic combination: an amazing white, black, and red "speed racer" jacket and Louis Vuitton backpack. After striking up a conversation, we knew that Ellie had a lot more that she could show us. So, for our inaugural style profile, we raided her closet—check it out!