Gender Neutrality

December 8, 2017

What is gender neutrality? How can fashion embody it?

The discussions and explorations lead to a collective understanding that we may not all have the same answer. We are not professionals nor do we study this day to day. However, as educated individuals, we can attempt to decipher this notion and what not being tied to normative gender descriptions may look like.

“Perhaps elements of this shoot will make some uncomfortable, but we produced a piece to open discussions. Ultimately, I hope that the audience takes a moment to enjoy the beautiful work our team has produced and really question their understanding of gendered clothing.” (Serene Akkawi ’19)

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Location: List Art Building Brown University
Models: Tobechukwu Obiaya, Marisa Chib, Amistad Meeks, Axel Getz, Chuqing Li, and Daneva Moncrieffe
Photographers: Keiichiro Kinoshita, Anita Sheih, and Philip Batler
Videographer: Joelle Heller
Creative Direction and Styling: Serene Akkawi, Jenny Fan, Rachel Gross, Brianna Kendall, Emma Butler, Brandon Huang, and Katrianna Okamoto 
Hair and Make-up Artists: Stephanie Garcia and Yuqing Cao
Writer: Rachel Gross