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designer TAYLOR COLEMAN with Sloane Kratzman

Taylor Coleman ‘22 is one of the designers showing at this years Fashion@Brown fashion show. Coleman is from New York and pursuing a degree in Economics and Applied Math. I recently talked with him about how he got into the fashion scene at Brown, his pieces in the show, and what he has been inspired by lately.

Sloane: How did you get into fashion?

Taylor: I had a general interest in fashion, but then became more interested in higher-end and avant-garde designs. Obviously they are much more expensive, so I wanted to learn how to make my own clothing.

S: Is this your first time designing and creating your own garments?

T: Yeah it is. It’s all been trial and error and learning from the more experienced students within the fashion@brown community. I haven’t taken any formal design classes, so the other designers have been helpful in the process.

S: That is awesome! Tell us about the pieces you’re showing?

T: So I was a little strapped with time so I made only two pieces. The first one is a drapey jacket that is pretty thin and a sheer brown material. I was inspired to make something that was outerwear. The other piece is a tank top. A lot of designers have been working with stacking fabrics, so I decided to play with that and sew the pleats onto the tank top.

S: What have been your big inspirations?

T: I definitely lean more minimalist and not flashy patterns. I really like Rick Owens and Dries Van Noten.

S:  With this new hobby of yours, do you see yourself pursuing a career in fashion?

T: Not really, it’s more of a hobby for me. But I could see myself working in the business side of fashion if I ever decide to.

*interview has been edited for clarity*