Trends are Temporary

Personal Style Lasts Forever

January 29, 2018

Noy Alon


Compared to any other business, the fashion industry remains dominated and defined by trends. What the industry considers “trendy” or modern changes seasonally and cycles throughout the years. The only other industry with a turnover rate as fast as fashion’s is technology. Yet, advancements in fashion are not defined by creating never-before-seen gadgets or features. Rather, trends in fashion dictate what color, cut, or style is considered modern.

In fashion, no new products are made. High waisted jeans were not created over the past few years, but their dominance in the market is notable. Yellow was “the color” of last season, but it was not made last year. Neither were any of the trends dominating the industry over the past few years, including white boots, off the shoulder tops, or overalls. These “modern” pieces have been on trend before, and after their seasonal boom, they will once again be considered trendy sometime in the future. For example, flared jeans and denim overalls dominated 1970s fashion, and were brought back a few years ago as modern, fashion forward pieces.   

This repetition is why I think adhering to trends is not as important as maintaining a strong personal style. Having a personal style enables one to view trends as optional, as suggestions.

Some of my core pieces are longline cardigans or sweaters, scarves, and white platform sneakers. I wear these pieces religiously, and due to the cold New England climate I live in, I wear them for the majority of the year. Additionally, I choose to avoid pastel colored clothing, midi dresses and skirts, because I find them unflattering. Every person should have this intuition of what they prefer to wear and feel most comfortable in and what pieces are out of their comfort zone. Most importantly, every person should establish these rules for themselves and not allow annual trends to dictate their personal style.

Having personal style is so important because it enables one to reuse clothing every season. I find myself making fewer impulse purchases. I do not buy into every trend. I rely on my core pieces. My personal style is fulfilling. When I wear an outfit that I feel comfortable and confident in, I do not care if it is considered trendy or modern because I want to wear it.

Fashion is truly a form of self-expression. Finding one’s own perspective and experimenting within it is most satisfying. Trends supplement and bring excitement into one’s personal style, but they should only serve as secondary to one’s core. The reason behind this second class status is that the rules fashion trends make remain so arbitrary and temporary. In the end, who is telling you not to wear those jeans or that shirt? It should only be you.